TeleLaunch — Multi-channel Wireless Launch Controller System

TeleLaunch is secure radio-controlled rocket launch system capable of operating up to 400 pads from a single controler. TeleLaunch consists of two pieces, TeleLCO and TeleFire.


TeleLCO controls up to 100 TeleFire boxes and is powered by a rechargable lithium polymer

  • USB connection to charge battery.

  • Large 1.36 inch LCD display for selected pad

  • Rotary knobs for pad selection

  • LED indicators for remote arming, continuity and RF quality

  • Arming switch and firing button

Circuit diagrams and PCB layouts are provided here:


TeleFire has four igniter circuits, each of which uses a 70A automotive relay to provide a low resistance path, high-current from the power source to the igniter leads. TeleFire can be powered by any 10-15V supply, from 3-cell lithium polymer packs used in RC aircraft to a 12V lead acid battery.

  • Continuity Detection. Igniter continuity uses a low-current sensing system which sends only 100µA through the igniter to prevent false ignition. The circuit also detects a shorted relay.

  • Local LED continuity, arming and RF quality indicators.

  • Strobe and Siren. TeleFire has two 12V medium current (5A) outputs to drive a siren and strobe light when the launch system is armed and ready to fire.

  • Local arming switch. A positive power switch shutting off the igniters and relays prevents the LCO from engaging the firing circuit.

Circuit diagrams and PCB layouts are provided here:

Radio Communications

TeleLaunch uses a two-way digital radio communications system for positive indication of all operations. The communications link is secured with AES CBC-MAC to prevent accidental or intentional operation from unauthorized transmitters.

TeleLaunch operates in the 70cm amateur band at 10mW to avoid interference with any rocketry electronics.