TeleStatic — Wireless Rocket Motor Static Test System

TeleStatic is a secure radio-controlled system capable of operating a rocket motor static test stand.

TeleStatic uses a two-way digital radio communications system for positive indication of all operations. The communications link is secured with AES CBC-MAC to prevent accidental or intentional operation from unauthorized transmitters.

TeleStatic operates in the 70cm amateur band at low power using Altus Metrum's proven modulation and coding schem to avoid interference with any rocketry electronics or other communication devices.

The TeleStatic board is easily configured using USB for parameters like operating frequency, callsign, cryptographic key, and the designated bank number.

A TeleStatic board can also be used as a one-channel pyro board in the larger TeleLaunch system when needed.

TeleStatic is an alternate load of the TeleFireOne board, whose hardware design is available from in the project hw/telefireone.


Not written yet.


TeleStatic firmware is part of the larger AltOS suite of software. A separate TeleStatic application for use on a laptop at the control operator's position is currently under development and will also be part of the AltOS suite.


A prototype system was operated extensively during the 2017, and based on that experience a revised version of the circuit board was designed and will be tested eventually. General availability of the TeleStatic product is expected by the end of calendar 2018. Watch this space for updates on price and availability.


TeleStatic hardware is licensed under the TAPR Open Hardware License

TeleStatic software is licensed GPL version 2