Installing AltosUI on Windows 8

Windows 8 places additional barriers to installing software beyond those present in Windows 7. In particular, trying to use the standard Windows USB modem driver on new hardware now requires 'driver signing' for the text file that tells Windows to use the driver that it already has installed.

Until we figure out what is necessary to make this work the 'right' way, here are a couple of pointers to sites that should help you install the current AltosUI bits on your Windows 8 machine.

The official Microsoft link

Here's a link to an official Microsoft answer for how you are supposed to get Windows 8 to install Windows 7 drivers.

An unofficial video link

And here's a (more helpful in my opinion) video which will lead you through the necessary steps.

Our friend, Bob Brown from the Kloudbusters used the video instructions and reports that things are working just fine now!