Version 0.9 adds a few new firmware features and accompanying AltosUI changes, along with new hardware support.

  • Support for TeleMetrum v1.1 hardware. Sources for the flash memory part used in v1.0 dried up, so v1.1 uses a different part which required a new driver and support for explicit flight log erasing.
  • Multiple flight log support. This stores more than one flight log in the on-board flash memory. It also requires the user to explicitly erase flights so that you won't lose flight logs just because you fly the same board twice in one day.
  • Telemetry support for devices with serial number >= 256. Previous versions used a telemetry packet format that provided only 8 bits for the device serial number. This change requires that both ends of the telemetry link be running the 0.9 firmware or they will not communicate.