Version 1.3.1 is a minor release. It improves support for TeleMega, TeleMetrum v2.0, TeleMini v2.0 and EasyMini.

AltOS Firmware Changes

  • Improve sensor boot code. If sensors fail to self-test, the device will still boot up and check for pad/idle modes. If in idle mode, the device will warn the user with a distinct beep, if in Pad mode, the unit will operate as best it can. Also, the Z-axis accelerometer now uses the factory calibration values instead of re-calibrating on the pad each time. This avoids accidental boost detect when moving the device around while in Pad mode.

  • Fix antenna-down mode accelerometer configuration. Antenna down mode wasn't working because the accelerometer calibration values were getting re-computed incorrectly in inverted mode.

  • Improved APRS mode. Now uses compressed position format for smaller data size, improved precision and to include altitude data as well as latitude and longitude. Also added battery and pyro voltage reports in the APRS comment field so you can confirm that the unit is ready for launch.

AltosUI changes

  • Display additional TeleMega sensor values in real units. Make all of these values available for plotting. Display TeleMega orientation value in the Ascent and Table tabs.

  • Support additional TeleMega pyro channels in the Fire Igniter dialog. This lets you do remote testing of all of the channels, rather than just Apogee and Main.

  • Limit data rate when downloading satellite images from Google to make sure we stay within their limits so that all of the map tiles download successfully.