Version 1.3 is a major release. It adds support for TeleMega, TeleMetrum v2.0, TeleMini v2.0 and EasyMini.

AltOS Firmware Changes

  • Add STM32L processor support. This includes enhancements to the scheduler to support products with many threads.

  • Add NXP LPC11U14 processor support.

  • Support additional pyro channels. These are configurable through the UI to handle air starts, staging, additional recovery events and external devices such as cameras.

  • Add 3-axis gyro support for orientation tracking. This integrates the gyros to compute the angle from vertical during flight, allowing the additional pyro events to be controlled by this value.

  • Many more device drivers, including u-Blox Max 7Q GPS, Freescale MMA6555 digital single-axis accelerometer, Invensense MPU6000 3-axis accelerometer + 3 axis gyro, Honeywell HMC5883 3-axis magnetic sensor and the TI CC1120 and CC115L digital FM transceivers

AltosUI changes

  • Support TeleMega, TeleMetrum v2.0, TeleMini v2.0 and EasyMini telemetry and log formats.

  • Use preferred units for main deployment height configuration, instead of always doing configuration in meters.

MicroPeak UI changes

  • Add 'Download' button to menu bar.

  • Save the last log directory and offer that as the default for new downloads