AltOS Version 1.4.1

Version 1.4.1 is a minor release. It fixes install issues on Windows and provides the missing TeleMetrum V2.0 firmware. There aren't any changes to the firmware or host applications at all. All Windows users will want to upgrade to get the signed driver, but Mac and Linux users who do not need the TeleMetrum V2.0 firmware image will not need to upgrade.

Windows Install Fixes

  • Provide signed Windows driver files. This should avoid any need to disable driver signature checking on Windows 7 or 8.

  • Fix Java version detection and download. Previously, the installer would only look for Java 6 or 7 and insist on downloading its own Java bits if there was something else installed. Furthermore, the 64-bit Java link provided didn't work for anyone other than Keith, making it impossible to install AltOS on any machine with Java SE 8 installed.

Other Fixes

  • Include 1.4 firmware for TeleMetrum V2.0. None of the installers shipped this file. Now it's included in the AltOS packages for Linux, Mac and Windows.

  • Include Google Application Key for map downloading. The 1.4 release didn't have this key in the released version of the software, making map downloading fail for most people.