AltOS Version 1.6.1

Version 1.6.1 includes support for our updated TeleBT v3.0 product and bug fixes in in the flight software for all our boards and ground station interfaces.

AltOS New Features

  • Add support for TeleBT v3.0 boards.

  • Add support for uncompressed APRS data, providing support for older APRS receivers. Uncompressed APRS data is less precise, takes more bandwidth and doesn't have integrated altitude data.

AltOS Fixes

  • Make TeleDongle and TeleBT more tolerant of data rate variations from transmitting devices.

AltosUI and TeleGPS New Features

  • Add map to Monitor Idle display. It's nice to be able to verify that maps are working, instead of needing to use Monitor Flight.

AltosUI Fixes

  • Fix frequency configuration to round values instead of truncate them, avoiding a common 1kHz error in the setting.

  • Turn the Windows stub into a more useful program that can launch the application with parameters so that file manager icons work more reliably.

  • Force KML export to use a C locale so that numbers are formatted with '.' instead of ',' for a decimal separator in non-US locales.

  • Preload map tiles based on distance rather than number of tiles; this means you get the same resolution covering the entire area, rather than having high resolution near the center and low resolution further away.

  • Allow configuration of frequency and callsign in Monitor Idle mode.

  • Fix layout weirdness when resizing windows on Windows. Windows shouldn't have giant blank spaces around the useful content anymore.

  • Fix layout weirdness when resizing windows on Windows. Windows shouldn't have giant blank spaces around the useful content anymore.

  • Use a longer filter for descent speed values. This should provide something more useful on the display, although it will take longer to respond to changes now.

  • Make Replay Flight run in realtime again. It had been set to run at 10x speed by mistake.

AltosDroid New Features

  • Add offline map support using mapping code from AltosUI.

  • Support TeleDongle (and TeleBT via USB) on devices supporting USB On-The-Go.

  • Display additional TeleMega pyro channel status in Pad tab.

  • Switch between metric and imperial units.

  • Monitor TeleBT battery voltage.

  • Track multiple devices at the same time, selecting between them with a menu or using the map.

  • Add hybrid, satellite and terrain map types.

AltosDroid Fixes

  • Use standard Android display conventions so that a menu button is available in the application title bar.

  • Adjust layout to work on large and small screens; shrinking the go/no-go lights in smaller environments to try and make everything visible.

  • Make voice announcements depend on current tab.

  • Compute adjustment to current travel direction while in motion towards rocket.