AltOS Version 1.6.2

Release Notes for Version 1.6.2

Release Notes for Version 1.6.2

Bdale Garbee

Keith Packard

This document is released under the terms of the Creative Commons ShareAlike 3.0 license.

Version 1.6.2 includes support for our updated TeleMega v2.0 product and bug fixes in in the flight software for all our boards and ground station interfaces.

1. AltOS

AltOS New Features:

  • Add support for TeleMega v2.0 boards.
  • Add PWM servo driver. There’s no higher level code using this yet, but the driver allows testing of the TeleMega v2.0 servo output connector.

AltOS Fixes:

  • Slow down telemetry packets to allow receiver to keep up.

2. AltosUI and TeleGPS Applications

AltosUI and TeleGPS Fixes:

  • Fix post-flight orientation computation when processing TeleMega and EasyMega eeprom data files.
  • Capture complete eeprom data even when there are invalid entries in the data. This keeps reading eeprom contents and writing the associated .eeprom file when an error is detected.

3. Documentation

We spent a bunch of time trying to improve our documentation

  • HTML versions now have a table of contents on the left side.
  • EasyMini now has its own shorter manual.
  • Provide links between sections in each document.
  • Lots of minor rewriting and restructuring to avoid duplication of information