Release Notes for Version 1.8.3

Release Notes for Version 1.8.3

Version 1.8.3 includes support for TeleMega version 3.0 along with two important flight computer fixes. This version also changes KML export data to make Tripoli Record reporting better and some updates to graph presentation and data downloading.

1. AltOS

1.1. AltOS New Features

  • Support for TeleMega version 3.0 hardware.

1.2. AltOS Bug Fixes

  • Ground testing EasyMega and TeleMega additional pyro channels could result in a sticky fired status which would prevent these channels from firing on future flights.
  • Corrupted flight log records could prevent future flights from capturing log data.
  • Fixed saving of pyro configuration that ended with Descending.

2. AltosUI and TeleGPS Applications

2.1. AltosUI New Features

  • Support for TeleMega version 3.0.
  • Graph lines have improved appearance to make them easier to distinguish. Markers may be placed at data points to show captured recorded data values.
  • Graphing offers the ability to adjust the smoothing of computed speed and acceleration data.
  • The download dialog now offers to graph new flights, checks for existing files to avoid overwriting data and reports if there are checksum errors in the downloaded data.

2.2. AltosUI/TeleGPS Bug Fixes

  • Restore TeleGPS tracking behavior.
  • Display flight computer call sign and serial number in Monitor Idle mode instead of ground station values.

2.3. AltosUI and TeleGPS Changes

  • KML export now reports both barometric and GPS altitude data to make it more useful for Tripoli record reporting.
  • CSV export now includes TeleMega/EasyMega pyro voltages and tilt angle.