Release Notes for Version 1.8.6

Release Notes for Version 1.8.6

Version 1.8.6

1. AltOS

  • Use maximum of 64 previous tilt values in pyro tilt tests
  • Eliminate 100m height requirement for coast detection
  • Change After Motor pyro check to be >= instead of ==
  • Change Time since Boost to be Time since launch.

2. AltosUI, TeleGPS

  • Clarify pyro test phrasing
  • Remove ascending/descending from pyro config UI
  • Fix accel calibration in Antenna Down mode
  • Add mag sensor reporting for TeleMega v3 idle monitoring.
  • Fix radio parameter saving at 2400 bps telmetry rate.

3. MicroPeak

  • Report altimeter-recorded maximum height value