Release Notes for Version 1.8.7

Version 1.8.7

1. AltOS

  • Include TeleMega v3.0 firmware

2. AltosUI, TeleGPS, MicroPeak

  • Poll for new devices while Device dialog is displayed
  • Wait for device to re-appear when flashing new firmware
  • Fetch correct TeleBT v4.0 RF calibration values from web site when reflashing.
  • Change gyro headings in .csv files from x/y/z to roll/pitch/yaw
  • Add documentation about Packet Link mode
  • Add documentation about forcing TeleMini RF parameters to known values.
  • Create a proxy server for Google Maps to re-enable map images
  • Fix Java version info in all distributed jar files so that applications will run with standard Mac OS X Java.
  • Replace JavaApplicationStub for Mac OS X so that applications will run with Oracle Java.