Version 1.9.5


  • Add Booster mode for all dual-deploy altimeters. Select "Separation & Apogee" mode in AltosUI to fire the 'main' channel at first motor burnout and the 'apogee' channel at apogee.

  • Improve reliability of stm32l firmware under heavy load. This was found using Monitor Idle on TeleMega with all flash slots full of data which would occasionally lock up.

  • Fix orientation label in AltosUI for devices with radios. This makes the orientation say 'Antenna up' and 'Antenna Down' for TeleMetrum and TeleMega again.

  • Fix log data for pyro channels which were inhibited (often because of a tilt limit). They used to report 'fired' as soon as they were inhibited, which was misleading. Now they never report as having been fired.

  • Allow Igniter Test to fire each igniter more than once.


  • Improve performance of Monitor Idle mode by sending less data for each update.

  • Improve Mac OS X install scripts so that they work on Catalina. This involves sending the user to get Java from the AdoptOpenJDK project which provides a version that works with Java applications.

  • Make larger dialogs scrollable for use on smaller screens.

  • Fix troubles re-flashing EasyMega boards running older firmware.

  • Add TeleMetrum v3.0 firmware to the Windows AltosUI packages.