QuantiMotor — Wireless Rocket Motor Static Test System

QuantiMotor is a secure radio-controlled system capable of operating a rocket motor static test stand. Sensors supported by the base configuration include one pressure sensor for chamber pressure, and one load cell for thrust measurement.

The QuantiMotor board is easily configured using USB, then uses encrypted WiFi communications during operation. The wireless capabilities include positive status indication, and control of all operations. A key design goal was wireless retrieval of test results, so that initial study can happen while waiting for the motor case to cool enough to handle!


Motor characterization products from Altus Metrum are documented in a manual available in html and pdf formats.

The firmware for this product is part of the AltOS suite.

The current hardware design files are available from git.gag.com in the project hw/quantimotor.


Our first prototype wireless test stand system was developed in 2017, and we learned a lot using it. The electronics went been through three major revisions, none of which made it to production for various reasons. A complete re-design to use WiFi and support basic functionality with a header for optional support of additional features is underway, with a goal of introducing QuantiMotor as a product in the first half of 2023.


QuantiMotor hardware is licensed under the TAPR Open Hardware License

QuantiMotor software is licensed GPL version 2