TeleBT Mount

The most common way to use a TeleBT is to match it up with a short yagi and suitable connector adapter. For all but the most demanding high-altitude flights, we like the 3-element Arrow II Hand Held Portable antenna, and a simple SMA to BNC adapter that we sell.

The missing piece in this setup is some sort of bracket to keep the TeleBT from flopping around on the antenna boom and loosening up the SMA connector. Thanks to Robert Garbee, we're happy to share this excellent bracket design! Here's what it looks like, alone and in use:


As with all of our products, this is a fully open design. If you have a 3D printer, please feel free to print one for yourself. They are also available for sale in Bdale's Store.

Printing Hints

All of our 3D printing is done on Lulzbot printers, and the brackets we sell are printed in ABS.

If you look closely at the STL file, you will notice that there's a slight chamfer on one side of the bracket around the square hole for the antenna boom. You should print the bracket with this side "down". The point of this chamfer is to counteract the usual "spreading" of plastic on the first layer of a print. On a Lulzbot TAZ printer, this chamfer causes the resulting printed part to have a nearly perfect corner, which means it's ready to use right off the printer without any sanding or scraping to fit required!


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