TeleGPS v1.0

These are photos of production version 1.0:

These early boards used a different processor, a transmit-only radio chip, and had a few other minor differences from current boards.


User View

  • GPS tracker and logger
  • Offers custom digital telemetry, APRS and direction beacons
  • 16mW transmit power
  • High-dynamics GPS receiver for accurate tracking
  • Uses 3.7V Lithium Polymer battery.
  • 1.5 x 1.0 inch board designed to fit inside 29mm airframe coupler tube
  • 2MB on-board data logging flash
  • Built-in USB connection for configuration, data download and battery charging
  • 12.3g flight weight (including antenna, excluding any battery)

Developer View

  • Hardware Features
    • NXP LPC11U14 System-on-Chip
      • ARM Cortex-M0 MCU
      • 32k Flash
      • 6k RAM
      • USB 2.0
      • 8 12-bit analog inputs
      • I2C, SPI, async serial
      • digital I/O
    • uBlox Max 7Q GPS receiver
    • TI CC115L 70cm transmitter
    • Built-in USB data download and battery charger connection
    • 2MB SPI flash
  • Software Features
    • Written mostly in C with some ARM assembler
    • Runs from on-chip flash, uses on-chip RAM, stores tracking data to flash memory part
  • Tools Used
    • gEDA for schematic capture and PCB layout
    • GCC compiler and source debugger
  • Licenses


There is a single manual for TeleGPS and all other Altus Metrum products, which is available in html and pdf formats.

The hardware design files can be found on in the project hw/telegps.