Future TeleLaunch Products

The products on this page are shown in prototype form. They are "not ready for prime time" yet, but we're including documentation about them because we're fairly confident they'll be added to the product line someday.

Please note that features and specifications are highly likely to change before release.


A small LCO unit capable of handling up to two pyro channels. TeleLCOTwo is ideal for individuals, or clubs that have an existing launch control system but want to use TeleLaunch for an "away" launch cell.

TeleLCOTwo is configured in advance by USB to know which two pyro channels it should interact with, and then a simple rocker switch selects between the two during use.

TeleLCOTwo comes packaged in a weather-sealed polycarbonate box with switches on one face, and BNC antenna connector and USB connectors through the box walls. It can be placed on a table, but is typically hand-held during operation.

The TeleLCOTwo hardware design is available from git.gag.com in the project hw/telelcotwo.


TeleFireTwo is a pyro board supporting two igniter circuits. This makes TeleFireTwo ideal for individuals, launch trailers, or for "away cells" at larger club launches.

All high-current connections are made on the board using standard 1/4-inch spade lugs, with screw terminals for the siren and strobe. This allows for easy packaging and quick board swaps.

The photo above is of an early single-channel prototype, the design has changed significantly since then and we'll take new photos someday. The two switches are for power on/off and safe/arm. The two cables are for DC power in and igniter leads out.

The TeleFireOne hardware design is available from git.gag.com in the project hw/telefiretwo.


Prototypes of these products have been built, deployed, and used successfully. Updates to the designs are underway, with at least one more prototype round likely before we commit to production.