Version 1.0

This is the original TeleMini using the CC1111 SoC and MP3H6115A analog barometric sensor.


User View

  • Recording altimeter for model rocketry
  • Supports dual deployment (can fire 2 ejection charges)
  • 70cm ham-band transceiver for telemetry downlink
  • Barometric pressure sensor good to 45k feet MSL
  • Designed to use a single LiPo rechargeable battery
  • 4kB storage
  • 1.5 x 0.5 inch board designed to fit inside 18mm airframe coupler tube

Developer View

  • Hardware Features
    • TI CC1111F32 Low Power RF System-on-Chip
      • Sub-1Ghz transceiver
      • 8051 MCU
      • 32k Flash
      • 4k RAM
      • USB 2.0
      • 6 12-bit analog inputs (11 bits with single-ended sensors)
      • 2 channels of serial I/O
      • digital I/O
    • Freescale MP3H6115A pressure sensor
  • Software Features
    • Written mostly in C with some 8051 assembler
    • Runs from on-chip flash, uses on-chip RAM, stores flight data to upper blocks of on-chip flash
  • Tools Used
    • gEDA for schematic capture and PCB layout
    • SDCC compiler and source debugger
  • Licenses


There is a single manual for TeleMini and all other Altus Metrum products, which is available in html and pdf formats.

An outline of the board with drill hole locations is available in pdf format.

The hardware design files can be found on in the project hw/telemini.