Altus Metrum Presentations

These are presentations we've made at various conferences. Not everything is linked in here yet... Be warned, the OpenOffice presentation files tend to be HUGE, since we include lots of high-resolution photos!

TRA Tech 2021

Bdale gave a talk in the first-ever TRA Technical Conference held in the evenings at LDRS 39 on Building Better Electronics Bays

Local 4H presentation in March 2014

Bdale was invited to give an introduction to electronics in rockets to a local 4H rocketry project in Colorado Springs.

LCA 2010

Bdale and Keith presenting on TeleMetrum v0.2 at LCA 2010 in Wellington, New Zealand in January 2010. Includes details of various notable flights with v0.1 during the 2009 flying season.

  • Slides
  • Video
  • The very funny video we showed at the end of the talk, featuring Bdale's big Goblin airframe and a few, brave, screaming flying monkey dolls! Much later, the Woot gang put out a video update celebrating the successful recovery of two of the monkeys...

LCA 2009

Bdale's second LCA presentation on rocketry, this time covering a broad range of related activites and the application of open hardware and open source philosophy in each. At the time of this talk, TeleMetrum v0.1 bare boards had just arrived, but nothing had been populated yet!

LCA 2008

Bdale's first public presentation on rocket avionics, at LCA 2008 in Melbourne, Australia in January 2008. This talk includes huge amounts of background material on the rocketry hobby, and was the first public discussion of Bdale's original, ARM-based altimeter design.